Metro Bicycle Locker FAQs


What are bike lockers?

Bike lockers are secure enclosures to allow the storage of one bicycle of typical size and form. They are more secure than bike racks and can shield the bicycles from the elements to a certain degree. Bike lockers are available for rent.

How much does it cost?

The rental cost is $24 for six (6) months. A $50 deposit is required for the locker key, which is reimbursed when you no longer use the locker.

How do I rent one?

Please visit our web page (link to locker rental instructions) and follow instructions. We accept online payments with Visa and Master cards. Contact Metro Bike Locker customer service 213-922-2660 or email for assistance.  Please be sure to provide a physical home address. 

Why do I need to provide a physical home address?

For security purposes, we need a home address on file to ensure that lockers are used for the storage of a bicycle and related items only.

How many times can I renew the bike locker rental?

You may renew your rental contract for an additional six (6) months as many times as you wish unless notified otherwise.

Why is the renewal every six (6) months?

Renewal payments are collected every six (6) months to encourage users to consider their locker usage in case trip/commuting patterns have changed.

Will I get a locker at the station of my choice?

If there is space available you will. However, if there are no available bike lockers at your preferred station, you can choose to be put on a waiting list.

Are there plans to install more bike lockers at stations particularly those that have a waiting list?

We do move lockers to stations with high demand.  However, Metro is also working on implementing high-capacity, secure bike parking facilities known as a Metro Bike Hub at key transit stations. Visit here for more information on Metro Bike Hubs.

What if the station that I want does not have bike lockers?

There are some stations that do not have enough space for accommodating bike lockers, but a majority of stations do have bike racks.  Please see tips for locking your bike securely in the Metro Bike Guide, “LOCK IT OR LOSE IT” section.  For an insightful and entertaining video on locking your bike, click here.  

Can I use it to store personal items or more than one bike?

No, our policy for bike lockers only allow users to store one bicycle and items facilitating its use such as helmet, bike pump, basic tools, etc. For clarification, a bicycle is two-wheeled and is no larger than standard adult size bike. Metro reserves the right to enter, inspect, and clean the lockers. Any items found not described above will result in termination of rental agreement and eviction.

How big are the bike lockers? Will my bicycle fit?

Most Metro bike lockers are 39 inches wide by 47 inches tall. Additionally, they have a depth of 76 inches. While this will accommodate most bicycles, there are exceptions. For example, bigger bicycle frame sizes and tall/wide handlebars may experience some trouble fitting in; unless you remove the seat, remove one of the wheels, etc.  Additionally, unique bikes, such as tandems and other special configurations, will not fit.   

Are electric bikes and scooters allowed to be stored inside bike lockers?

Bikes are allowed to have battery-powered assist. However, a bike utilizing any form of combustion is absolutely prohibited. Bikes and scooters weighing more than 60 pounds are not permitted in lockers.

Who is held liable in the event of a locker break-in?

All personal property is stored at your own risk and insurance is your sole responsibility. Metro and its affiliates shall not be liable for any loss or damage to your bicycle and/or other property stored within our bicycle locker. See: Section 5 of Bicycle Locker Rental Agreement.

Does Metro offer some type of bicycle insurance?

No. Metro does not offer insurance. However, there are several insurance companies that provide renter’s insurance that you can take advantage of.

I heard about Metro Bike Share.  Where do I find more information?

Please visit the Metro Bike Share website, click here.